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Learn about and enjoy a different not-so-common wine, cheese and beer every Sunday—at incredibly low prices. School was never this delicious! Limit one each per guest at the Sunday School price. Please, no returns: if you try it, you buy it.

Syllabus for Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday's Wine



This season marks the last year for the Summer of Riesling—a national celebration of the noble Riesling grape started seven years ago at New York’s Terroir Wine Bar by super Sommelier Paul Greico. Throughout this year’s Summer of Riesling, we’ve savored many a glass from dry Finger Lake finds to the gorgeous off-dry beauties of Germany. Today, as a sumptuous sendoff, Tria is saying goodbye to SoR with a blast from the past: a rare, just released from the cellar, mature 1989 Riesling made in the traditional style (read: dry and ethereal) from a prime vineyard in the Saar river region called “Ayler Kupp.” How do we get to drink this aged-yet-zesty, limey, taut and minerally old Riesling in Philadelphia on Labor Day Weekend? Well, a hip winemaker named Florian Lauer gained access to the cellar of a famous family winery near his own called the Kramp estate. The Kramps were VERY famous but alas, left no heir for their estate and therefore sold off the vineyards to Florian, who also acquired access to their cellar and found some secret stashes of ’89 Riesling in varying styles. We have just a bit to pour just for you! This wine is completely dry (AKA Trocken) and is low in alcohol, but fully ripe and rich in flavor. The nose has stonefruit aplenty, deep notes of ripe peach and a hearty hint of cinnamon but is balanced with an herby, slatey scent as well. It's vigorously fresh for the age and brimming with energy, a quintessential Saar Riesling, and a piece of vinous history. This one is something special!

Sunday School Price   $16½ glass    $8½ glass




We’ve fallen for a hunk—of cheese, that is. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, the Two Sisters Isabella Gouda strikes a harmonious balance between rich and creamy, briny and nutty. The consistency isn’t crumbly like other aged Goudas you may have had, since it’s served at a young-for-Gouda mere year old; the consistency sort of resembles that of an aged cheddar with those delicious crystalline bits (they’re called tyrosine) that provide some toothsome fun. This cheese envelopes your mouth with flavor like a piece of bittersweet chocolate. Isabella Gouda combines the savoriness of beef bouillon with the sweetness of butterscotch, and delivers it all in a wonderfully dense and creamy paste. Try it with a medium-bodied Cotes du Rhone red wine or an Amber Ale.

Sunday School Price   $7½    $4½


Sunday's Beer



(Brooklyn, NY · 7.2%)

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery is known for being prolific, releasing new, creative, one-off beers with alarming frequency—thank goodness they’re reliably tasty! Tesla is named for the legendary mad scientist Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), who conducted all sorts of wild pioneering work in electricity. Much of his work was misunderstood when he was actually alive, but with the passing of time, he has been vindicated as a true mad scientist who was just ahead of the rest of us. The Sixpoint brewers say that this beer as a work of their own mad science; Tesla doesn't fall into any conventional style. It's a strong, hoppy amber lager brewed with a notable wheat component, which gives it smoother, fuller body than a basic lager. Enjoy it with a firm cheese and a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sunday School Price    $5½ / 16 oz DRAFT   $3 / 16 oz DRAFT



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