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Learn about and enjoy a different not-so-common wine, cheese and beer every Sunday—at incredibly low prices. School was never this delicious! Limit one each per guest at the Sunday School price. Please, no returns: if you try it, you buy it.

Syllabus for Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday's Wine



Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizz! Or, with all respect to Serge Gainsbourg, today we’ll tailor this lyric to Shebam! Pop! Blanc! Fizz! This spritzy white is the summer wine you were meant to fall in fabulously fizzy love with. It’s made from a native grape called Colombard and it is a fun offering from Gascogne’s well-respected Domaine des Cassagnoles. Colombard is something of a workhorse grape and is mostly distilled for the production of Armagnac; its claim to fame is that it always retains a sense of freshness, even in the sweltering heat of a steamy Gascony summer. Today’s Fizz is altogether the opposite of a boozy brandy: the light and refined bubbles zipping through your glass have zesty aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit and pineapple and will leave your palate feeling incredibly refreshed. Pair it with funky cheese, your best Mod sunglasses and a little French pop music for some lighthearted Sunday fun.

Sunday School Price   $10½ glass    $5½ glass




Today’s story is a big “Curd You!” to the industrial dairy conglomerates of America. After a notable cheese giant decided to close the teeny Wisconsin dairy plant that produced its most flavorful small-batch cheeses, all of the workers pooled their resources, bought the plant, and showed the big guys that they could get by just fine without them. A family-run company called Sartori Foods was so moved by the story (and the tasty cheeses) that they purchased the plant from the workers so they could get their minds out of the books and back into the cheese vats. Huzzah! Today’s SarVecchio is a salty yet caramelly-sweet version of Parmigiano-Reggiano that has a super-addictive umami flavor. Full flavored, buttery, nutty, and slightly sweet, this Wisconsin Cheese has enough personality to capture the hearts of all who try it. Go big and enjoy it with a full-bodied white wine or a tannic Italian Red.

Sunday School Price   $8    $4½


Sunday's Beer



(Millvale, PA · 7.0%)

Let’s start with verbiage. Draai Laag (Dry-Lawg) means "turncoat" in Dutch; turncoat was a word used during the Revolutionary War that referred to traitors. Gouden Brugge (Gow-den Bru-ga or Bru-sh) means “Golden Bridge” and today’s lemony Golden Ale was named as such because both Pittsburgh and Belgium have lots of bridges. That’s…different. Draai Laag is a newish artisanal brewery in Millvale, which is located right near Pittsburgh, just across the Allegheny River. They brew an offbeat collection of beers ranging from a combo mead-cider-wild ale to a Flemish Red/Brown hybrid, all of which are funky, unique and totally delicious. Today’s Gouden Brugge is a riff on a Belgian Pale Ale that is oomphed up with lemon, yielding a beer that is effervescent and spicy, but light enough to pair with all of your favorite summer foods. The brewery recommends it with seafood, but we say go for the goat cheese.

Sunday School Price    $6 / 10 oz DRAFT    $3½ / 10 oz DRAFT



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