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Learn about and enjoy a different not-so-common wine, cheese and beer every Sunday—at incredibly low prices. School was never this delicious! Limit one each per guest at the Sunday School price. Please, no returns: if you try it, you buy it.

Syllabus for Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday's Wine



Today let’s get cool and geeky with the pink wine. France’s tiny Jura wine region is home to some of the best small-scale winemakers in the country. Nestled between Burgundy and the Swiss border, the Jura has been generating quite a bit of buzz for having the most unique, thrilling, and distinctive wines in the country. The Grand family has been making wine in the Jura since 1692. This rosé is not as delicate as a Provencal pink wine nor as fruity as a Spanish one; it’s more refined, elegant and minerally than other styles of rosé. The Trousseau grapes were hand-harvested from marlstone soils (calcium/limestone rich) and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats. The wine is well-structured, clean and one of the most sophisticated rosés we’ve ever had. Even though you never need an excuse to have a glass of Sunday School wine, enjoy this one knowing that we’re pouring special pink wines all month to raise awareness about Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a terrific organization that offers programs and services to women affected by breast cancer. Drink pink to do good!

Sunday School Price   $12½ glass    $6½ glass




True Reblochon—a young raw cow’s milk cheese, which dares not cross our borders due to strict U.S. pasteurization laws—has made petty criminals out of many a cheese lover in the United States. For law abiding citizens, enter Preferes des Montagnes. Translating as “Favorite from the Mountains,” this half-pressed, washed-rind cheese is the pasteurized (and therefore legal) version of the beloved raw Reblochon. So put down the contraband and get your cheese fix with Preferes des Montagnes. It’s as close to the real thing as one can get without having to go before a judge. Reblochon means "to pinch again," referring to the medieval practice of not fully milking cows until the taxman came around and took his (decidedly smaller) bit. The leftover milk was richer and creamier, making for better cheese. Enjoy the same rich, buttery funk, same unbelievable creamy texture, and same rebel spirit of the real deal. Pair this palate-pleaser with an off dry Riesling or light, fruity red wine.

Sunday School Price   $8½    $4½


Sunday's Beer



(Croydon, PA · 8.8%)

Pumpkin beer season is here, and while there are now hundreds of pumpkin ales from which to choose, most are variations on a familiar theme - deep amber British-style ales with pumpkin and spices. Neshaminy Creek takes a different approach, adding pumpkin to a delightfully autumnal Dunkelweizen, the dark and cloudy Bavarian wheat beer style. Nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and allspice come on strong, but are smoothed out by the silky chocolate-banana backbone unique to the style. This beer was formerly known as Neshaminy “Punkel Dunkel” Pumpkin Ale. Why the rechristening? Neshaminy says that a brewery you’ve never heard of before 1,500 miles away sent them a cease and desist letter because they, unbeknownst to anyone, had already put a federal trademark on the word “Punkel.” Weird but hey, whatever you want to call it, this beer is different and delicious.

Sunday School Price    $6 / 16 oz DRAFT   $3½ / 16 oz DRAFT



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